7 Things About Sex That You Should Teach Your Child

7 Things About Sex That You Should Teach Your Child

When it comes to talking to your child about topics such as sex, the talk should be anything except awkward or shameful.

If your kids are lucky enough to be in a school that hires sex educators to simplify complicated topics like sex, then half your job is done!

But you as a parent should take the lead and teach these 7 things to your child.

  1. It is decent enough to talk about sex and sexual orientations

This is the 21st century, and sex is therefore considered no more a taboo. When your child reaches the age of 9 or more, you should take small initiatives to educate them about sex before they search on the internet and get their hands on something which is inappropriate.

  1. Consent matters, even if it is just a hug

From the very beginning, you will have to teach your kid that only they themselves are responsible for their body and no one else. But you should not imply that every time when someone comes to hug them, your kid turns that person away because that doesn’t make sense. Teach them that it is their call if they want to be hugged or even high-fived by anyone.

  1. Teach them the correct name for the body parts

To not give in to the taboo involving sex, it is important to normalize genitals. If you continue using too much euphemistic language, your kids might not be able to report you about an incident due to the confusion regarding names.

  1. Never feed them porn

The harsh truth is, till today, porn is being considered as the most common sexual educator for young kids because it is super easy to access. It is really important to imbibe in your kids’ minds information about healthy sex. In order to do that, you will have to wait till your kid turns 9, after that, start a conversation with them about porn before they get to know about it from their peers.

  1. Sex is not only a physical act

If you look up books about sex education you would begin experiencing so many diverse but honest truths about sex. Start the conversation whenever you can and on whichever topic you feel like, gender identity, sexual harassment, and even pregnancy and contraception.

  1. Encourage them to ask more questions

Sex is altogether a new term for your kids, and it is thus obvious for them to be curious or puzzled. The more their doubts would be cleared, the less likely they are to be engaged in violent sexual behaviors.

  1. Teach them to respect the choices of others

While you are in the middle of a conversation with your child about sex if they comment about any action being gross, make them learn that what is gross for them might be enjoyable for others. Always explain to them that preferences vary and thus if they don’t like a particular thing, it is okay to feel like that!

No matter what you do, do not leave out any topics incomplete as it will give rise to misconceptions.