Some Funny Bedroom Experiences

Some Funny Bedroom Experiences
  1. I was a virgin and about to have sex for the first time with my girlfriend. We decided to do it at my place as my parents were going out for a movie. I decided to stay back and called my girlfriend to my place. I tried to make a romantic setup and set up a few candles on the table. My girl arrived, and we had dinner together. After a little meal, we started kissing and decided to move things to the bedroom. We got under the blanket and started undressing each other. She had some experience, but it was my first time. It tried to unhook her bra, but it literally took me five minutes to do it. I got really nervous. She cheered me up, and we continued. Since it was my first time, I didn’t exactly know how to start. I got on her and started humping. She waited for a few minutes before telling me, “It’s not inside.” I got embarrassed at that time, but we still talk about as a funny memory.
  2. I was having my girlfriend over at my place. We ordered a pizza and started watching a movie. My girlfriend got turned on in the meantime, and she jumped right into my lap. We started having sex in the living room. After an hour, we realized that the delivery man never delivered the pizza. I got up and decided to give him a call and saw a box of pizza lying in on the table behind us. We forgot the door open, and the pizza boy saw us doing it. He was such a gentleman for not disturbing us. This is still the funniest bedroom experience of my life.

  3. I was having sex with my boyfriend in my room. We were naked, and our stomachs got into contact. Somehow due to the suction, it made a farting sound. We have been together for like five years, and this is still the funniest bedroom experience of my life.

  4. I was dating a girl in college. We decided to have sex after dating for a few months. We were at a party at my friend’s home. Everyone was drunk, and so were we. Our friend offered us his room, and we ran in there in no time. The lights were dim, and there was a pile of clothes on the bed. We got in bed and started having sex. After some time, I realized that the pile of cloth was moving. I got freaked out and turned on the lights. To my surprise, it was my drunk friend who was lying in there under the blanket. He saw me naked and started shouting. Fortunately, my girlfriend managed to get under the sheets in time, and he didn’t see her naked. It is the most embarrassing and the funniest experience of my life.

  5. I was having sex with my boyfriend. We were having fun, and it was getting intense. All of a sudden, my boyfriend decides to tickle me in my neck. I lost control and kneed him in the balls by mistake. He still laughs about it.